Political Islamists Continue to Expand in Tennessee

International, national and local Political Islamist organizations - many of whom directly advocate and materially support Islamist terrorism - continue to expand their operations and influence within Tennessee.  They are doing so with the overt aid of numerous prominent politicians, members of the media, clergy, businesses, and "community leaders"; none of whom seem to care about the publicly documented hate-filled rhetoric or ties to organizations who perpetrate murderous Islamist terrorist attacks of their Political Islamist "friends".  The

Malik Obama / IRS Islamist Terrorism Scandal

Former Muslim Brotherhood member Walid Shoebat continues to document the ties of Malik Obama, brother of Barack Obama, to al Queda and other Islamist terrorist groups.  The article below reports on the implications of infamous IRS manager Lois Lerner's role in approving (and backdating by 38 months) tax exempt status for the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), headed by Malik Obama.  Be sure and read the related links if you are not already familiar with this scandal that is being completely ignored by the mainstream press:

Inside Tennessee (2/17/2014)

Please join us this Monday Feb 17th from 7-9PM Central for another episode of Inside Tennessee. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conservativennationradio/2014/02/18/inside-...

Guest and topics for the week in order of appearance;
  • Cathy Hinners on the Islamist threat in Tennessee
  • John Harris, President of the Tennessee Firearms Association on gun laws in Tennessee and which politicians we can trust to fight for us on this issue.

National Security Heavyweights Allege Muslim Brotherhood Ties to GOP

Breitbart News reports on the influence exerted within the GOP by those with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:
National Security Heavyweights Allege Muslim Brotherhood Ties to GOP
For extensive documentation of the allegations referenced, please read the Center for Security Policy's detailed report:

The Pentagon’s Bow to Islamic Extremism

Raymond Ibrahim reports on how the Pentagon and other institutions' capitulation to Islamist dress and grooming rules not only lower military standards and unit cohesion, but also embolden Islamist to commit acts of terror.  As Ibrahim documents, this is clearly understood by Muslims themselves as Muslims opposed to Islamists clearly demonstrate:
The Pentagon’s Bow to Islamic Extremism

America is Complicit in the Murder of Religious Minorities

Dr. Bill Warner has released an new video discussing the complicity of America in the death of religious minorities around the world - primarily at the hand of Islamists:
America is Complicit in the Murder of Religious Minorities

Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups

Directly referencing the Muslim Brotherhood's listing of some of their many front groups (see original document)., the American Spectator compiled a listing of a number of these complete with links to their profiles provided by Discover the Networks.  Tragically, many of these organizations are extremely active and openly welcomed in our halls of government, schools and other civic organizations.  It also bears repeating that the Muslim Brotherhood founded al-Queda and numerous other Islamist terrorist groups responsibl

Mulsim Brotherhood in the Oval Office

The Washington Free Beacon and the American Spectator report on the recent meeting of a major Muslim Brotherhood leader in the Oval Office (complete with photo with Obama).  The American Spectator article also includes a listing of many of the front groups the Muslim Brotherhood has admitted to using - many of which are not only active in Tennessee, but openly working with government officials:
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets Obama in White House

Remziya Suleyman and Her Diminishing Credibility

Daily Roll Call sheds more light on the hatred and ignorance propagated by Islamist lobbyist Remziya Suleyman and her close associate Drost Kokoye:
Remziya Suleyman and Her Diminishing Credibility

Ignorance or Arrogance..Sumner County Schools Unwillingness to View Truth

Daily Roll Call highlights the continued bias by the Sumner County School administration towards Political Islam and against truth:
Ignorance or Arrogance..Sumner County Schools Unwillingness to View Truth


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