Questions for Governor Haslam:
- Is Governor Haslam aware that a portion of Shariah Finance supports zakat (Islamic charities) and that many of these charities funnel money to Islamist terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, and the Taliban?
- Is Governor Haslam aware that Samar Ali’s profession is facilitating “Shariah Compliant Finance” and that Shariah Finance supports Islamist charities that provide material support for Islamist terrorists?  Unfortunately, trying to identify which Islamist charities provide material support to Islamist terrorists and which do not is much like picking fly specks out of pepper.
- Is Governor Haslam aware that Samar Ali’s father, Dr. Subhi Ali, serves as Chairman of the Jerusalem Fund, a pro-Palestinian organization with suspected connections to Hamas (and thus the Muslim Brotherhood) and that Samar Ali served as transatlantic liaison for a charitable subgroup of this organization?
- Is Governor Haslam aware that it is an openly stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood to subvert our constitution and create an Islamist America?
- Is Governor Haslam aware that many charitable organizations such as the Jerusalem Fund and its subsidiaries supporting the Palestinians are actually providing material support to Hamas and other Islamist terrorist organizations?
- Is Governor Haslam aware that when Islamist charities that provide material support for Islamist terrorists are revealed as such, they often simply operate under a different name the next day?  Has Governor Haslam or his advisors paid any attention to the lessons learned in the Federal prosecution of the “Holy Land Foundation”, the subsequent convictions, or the statements by Federal prosecutors indicating subsequent prosecutions of Islamist Finance terrorist funding are being blocked by the Obama/Holder Justice Department?
- Is Governor Haslam still unaware of Tennessee State Commissioner of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons unauthorized and unconstitutional partnership with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) - despite a judge's ruling to that effect and the legislature's response - and AMAC ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?
- Just how unaware would Governor Haslam have to be to allow this camel’s nose in our Tennessee tent?
- Is it possible Governor Haslam is truly unaware and uninformed, or has he decided that the potential economic and political benefits to some politically connected individuals and organizations outweigh the cost in blood and suffering that others - including some Americans - will pay?