Link Lists

Sites Providing Information on Political Islam/Shariah and Islamist Terrorism:

A New Dark Age Is Dawning

ACT for America

Al Salibiyyah

Ali Sina

American Center for Democracy

American Coptic Association

American Council for Kosovo

American Freedom Defense Initiative

American Freedom Law Center

American Thinker

Americans Against Hate


Amillennialist Contra Mundum

An Inquiry Into Islam

Andrew Bostom's Blog


Answering Islam

Answering Muslims

Anti Jihad Resistance


Apostates of Islam

Aramaic Broadcasting Network (ABN)

Armies of Liberation

Assyrian International News Agency

Atlas Shrugs

Atour — The State of Assyria

Australian Islamist Monitor

Bare Naked Islam

Blazing Cat Fur

Brussels Journal

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women

By The Early Light

Calling Muslims

Campus Watch

Caroline Glick

Center for Security Policy

Center for Terrorism Law

Center for the Study of Political Islam

Challa Hu Akbar

Christian Action Network

Christian Answers - Witnessing to Muslims

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - Islam

Christians Under Attack

Citizen Warrior

Civilus Defendus

Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights

Committee on the Present Danger

Counter Extremism Project

Counterterrorism Blog Archives

Creeping Sharia

D. C. Watson

Daily Roll Call

Daniel Pipes

David Horowitz Freedom Center

David Yerushalmi Law

Dearborn Underground

Defend America

Discover the Networks


Dry Bones

Endowment for Middle East Truth

Enjoy the Conditions of Omar

Eye On Islam

Facing Islam

Facts and Logic FLAME

Faith Freedom International

Family Security Matters

Father Zakaria

Former Muslims United

Foundation for Democracy in Iran

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Freedom Center Students

FrontPage Magazine

Gates of Vienna

Geert Wilders

Global Infidel TV

Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center

Global Terror Alert

Global Terrorism Database (University of Maryland)

Handbook for Infidels

History of Jihad

Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch

Homeland Security Newswire

Honest Reporting

Honor Killings

Hudson Institute Center on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World

Hudson Institute Center for Religious Freedom

Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities

ICT - Terrorism and Counterterrorism

In the Name of Allah

Independent Media Review&Analysis (IMRA)

Infidel Blogger’s Alliance

International Analyst Network

International Free Press Society

International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Internet Haganah

Iran Aware

Iran Focus

Iran va Jahan


Islam in Our Schools

Islam Review

Islam Speaks

Islam - The Mold That Is Destroying America

Islam Today Oregon Presents: This Is Islam

Islam Versus Europe

Islam Watch

Islamic Terrorism in India

Islamist Watch

Islamization Watch

Jawa Report


Jihad Monitor

Jihad Spin

Jihad Time Line

Jihad Watch


Joel's Trumpet

KRSI: Radio Sedaye Iran


Light of Life

Lock and Load

Logan's Warning

Mahdi Watch

Mapping Sharia

Martin Kramer


Middle East Facts

Middle East Forum

Middle East Media Research Institute

Middle East Quarterly

Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)

Militant Islam Monitor

Mohammed's History - Exposing Islam's "Hidden Truths" - of Radical Muslims

Money Jihad

Muhammad Tube


Muslim World Today

Muslims Against Shariah

Myths and Facts

National Defense University Foundation

National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism

National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

New Media Journal

No Mosques at Ground Zero!

Northern Virginiastan

Ohio Against Terror

Orwellian Culture

Palestinian Media Watch

Panun Kashmir

Pedestrian Infidel

Political Islam

Politically Incorrect

Prophet of Doom

Q Society of Australia

Quilliam Foundation

Radical Islam

Radio Jihad

Rantburg - War on Terror Operations

Rational Islam?

Raymond Ibrahim

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Religion of Peace

Republican Riot

Reuters Middle East Watch

Rubin Reports

SANE: Society of Americans for National Existence

Sex in Islam

Sharia Awareness Action Network

Sharia Unveiled

SITE Intelligence Group


Steven Emerson

Suhail Khan Exposed

Sultan Knish

Tawfik Hamid

Tell the Children the Truth

Ten Myths About Islam

Terror Trends Bulletin

Terrorism Awareness Project

Terrorism Research Center

Terrorism Research Initiative

The Astute Bloggers

The Clarion Project

The Counter Jihad Report

The Crescent Or The Cross

The David Project

The False Prophet

The Infidel Task Force

The Intelligence Summit

The Investigative Project on Terrorism

The Jihad Threat Against The West And Israel

The Lawfare Project

The Middle East Media Research Institute

The Muslim Issue

The NEFA Foundation

The People of the Book

The Religion of Conquest

The Religion of Peace

The Shariah Awareness Project

The Straight Way of Grace Ministry

The Terror Finance Blog

The United West

TN Council for Political Justice

Tom Gross Media

Traditional Values Coalition

Translating Jihad

Understanding The Threat

United States Central Command

Unraveling Islam

Urban Infidel

Vlad Tepes

Voice Of The Copts

Walid Shoebat

Wiki Islam

Winds of Jihad

Women Against Shariah

World Council for the Cedars Revolution

World Without Islam (Mundo Sin Islam)

Z Street