Islamic Definitions

As education is one of the primary focuses of this site, it occurred to us that it is very possible that some of the words used when referencing Sharia or Islam may not be familiar to everyone.  So in an effort to make sure that you have that information at hand, we have compiled a list of terms seen frequently in discussion of Sharia or Islam.

A side note, however; you will frequently notice or see differing definitions.  Jihad, for example, is shown in two ways in the Qur'an - one at Mecca while the struggle was internal and one in / after Medina where the struggle becomes violent.  You may ask, which is correct?  Both, as they see fit. The best way to think of this is as follows: if the 'nice' definition currently best furthers the cause of Islam; than it is the definition that applies; otherwise abrogation occurs. Abrogation in the context of Islam is the last or latest definition in the Quran, Sura, or Hadith applies.

Take special note of the word "Taqiyya" and remember that any perceived attack or opposing religious view of a person's faith can be considered ‘evil’.